About Kairos Community College

In 2013 Community Youth Education Options (CYEO) Ltd was established as the legal entity to oversee and manage Kairos Community College.  CYEO is a not-for-profit limited company with charity, including DGR, status.  Opening in 2015 Kairos Community College emerged from the work of Deception Bay Community Youth Programs (DBCYP), now known as Younity, who have been providing programs and services to young people in Deception Bay since 1994. It was recognised that education held the key for young to change their future trajectory and Kairos was established to meet this need.

Kairos is a Special Assistance School.  We support senior students (Years 10,11 and 12) who have disengaged, or are at risk of disengaging, from mainstream education to complete their secondary education.  The education legislation in which we operate enables us to offer an increased level of flexibility in the delivery of education programs.  For our students, this means more relevant programs, a more supportive environment and greater success rates both during and after school.

We have developed a unique model of education, which we call the Ripple Model, based on a neuroscience approach, which drives our strategic objectives to be Story Changers, Community Impacters and Tribal Educators.

Story Changers

Every young person who comes to us has a story. They knock on our door for a reason. Their stories are marked with struggle. Often their stories will not end well if something does not change.

The ancient Greek word ‘Kairos’ means recognising and seizing the opportune time to take action.

At Kairos this means the opportune time to empower each student to change their story. We provide a holistic and flexible approach to education, enabling a new narrative for our students.

Tribal Educators

A tribe speaks of a place to belong. This is key for Kairos. We exist to provide a safe and stable place of belonging, so all our students can engage in learning, free from barriers that would otherwise limit them.

We do this as a tribe.

We enjoy shared values, encourage ownership and accountability, and maintain a low ratio of students to staff. Our goal is that our students are never lost in the crowd, rather they are known, understood, accepted, and supported. This enables the students to connect and feel a sense of belonging.

Community Impacters

We understand what we do impacts more than the students who attend our school. By impacting the future trajectory of our young people, we in turn create a ripple effect that impacts their families and beyond that, the communities that surround us.

Kairos first campus opened in Deception Bay in 2015 with 26 students.  We currently operate two campuses, our Caloundra campus opened in 2020, and have 122 students.

100% of our graduating students achieve their Queensland Certificate of Education and most also graduate with additional Certificate level qualifications.  The post school pathways are as diverse as our student bodies and all of them reflect the success of the Kairos model.

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