Building Opportunities

The students at Kairos are successful because Kairos operates differently to mainstream schools and to our students, that difference means the world. Whilst your financial support is undoubtedly beneficial, the gift you are actually giving is the positive impact on the individual students and their families.

Here are some examples:

$50 provides a personal care hamper. Give a student, and their family, essential emergency care items

$100 provides the catering for one weeks Tribal Lunch. This is the opportunity for our students to enjoy a shared meal as a community and learn to engage with the broader community in a safe environment.

$200 provides clothing for job interviews or their graduation. Enable a student to feel pride in their appearance and build their sense of self respect.

Donate Today

Donations are tax deductible. All donations to Kairos Community College over $2 are tax deductible, meaning that you’re not only supporting these students, you may also be decreasing the tax you pay. That’s a win for everyone!